Wednesday 22 January 2020

Daily Aghaz World"s First Urdu Newspaper on Internet

Daily AGHAZ was started 51 years ago on October, 1962. The Founder of AGHAZ was Mr. Mohammad Umar Farooqui (Late). Before starting AGHAZ, Mr. Muhammad Umar Farooqui was the Editor of Daily ANJAM, the largest circulated Urdu newspaper of the country at that time. ANJAM was started in India. In 1947, its offices were shifted to Pakistan after Independence. The Publisher of ANJAM was Mr. Usman Azad, who was the elder brother of Mr. Muhammad Umar Farooqui (late). After the death of Mr. M. Umar Farooqui, his son Mr. Anwar Farooqui continued the publication (AGHAZ). Today, Daily AGHAZ also has a large circulation and millions of its print and online edition readers. Alhamdulillah.

The motive of AGHAZ is the National Interest first. It contains Local and International news and also highlight the public issues. AGHAZ publish special editions on different topics. It also publish interesting and exclusive news about children, youngsters, sports, cultural, politics, education, health, social, crime etc. By having this specialty, people of every age like and choose AGHAZ to get the knowledge and keep them update by current political and other issues. It is popular all over Pakistan for a number of reasons.

Daily AGHAZ Karachi contains all the stuff that makes it a very popular newspaper. It is a reliable newspaper because of its truthfulness. AGHAZ also publish special editions every week for Women, Children and Showbiz. Due to its wide circulation and a large number of readers, AGHAZ is also beneficiary for business community. AGHAZ is a best platform for any kind of brands, small or large businesses, NGO’s, traders and industries. They can promote and express their products by advertise in AGHAZ. in very reasonable cost.

Here is the link of its online edition (E-Paper) of Daily AGHAZ ie Daily Aghaz ePaper.
To advertise in today’s AGHAZ e-Paper, please click on the link above.
Data Provide by: Tanveer Anjum ... Daily AGHAZ Karachi.

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